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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Mugshot websites like and others can crush a person's chances of finding new employment.

The predatory methods of these websites are made effective by their aggressive search engine promotion tactics ensuring that their mugshot post is ranked among the top results when that person's name is entered into a search engine. Removal of a mugshot is both time consuming and it forces interaction between the person whose mugshot is posted and the mugshot website itself. In many cases, as stated in the Better Business Bureau reviews of each of these types of sites, they're not always willing to play ball and the process could take months IF it even works at all.

In spite of submitting my signed and sealed expungement letter multiple times this site refuses to remove information about me damaging my ability to gain employment.” - Review on Better Business Bureau

There are hundreds of reviews lamenting over the damaging nature of these websites. Even after acquittal or having their case dismissed, the posts still linger. We created for those who want swift action to clear their good name online and beat mugshot websites at their own game.

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