The Men Behind The Destruction
Of American Lives

Travis Paul Grant and Kyle David Grant are the owners/operators of mugshot websites such as and These men are responsible for an untold amount of emotional torture, humiliation, and negative interference in American lives. In our client testimonials, we've encountered so many stories highlighting the emotional, physical, and financial toll that these websites put on people. For a taste of the despair sows, just have a look at some of their Better Business Bureau reviews: 

"In spite of submitting my signed and sealed expungement letter multiple times this site refuses to remove information about me damaging my ability to gain employment. In doing research they [are] committing extortion in that they want to partner with a company to pay to have this information removed and split the profits. This is illegal and extortion is a felony." - 1/4/2021, Posted Anonymously on

"As many others have stated this company refu[s]es to remove pictures of arrests from people who’s cases were dropped. Why are they not being reported to the attorney general? This site needs to be shut down immediately. They are ruining l[i]ves daily. Hard working citizens can’t find jobs, and having their reputation ruined for decades." - 1/4/2021, Posted Anonymously on

"Bail Bonds HQ has me, my full legal name, listed as a sex offender on their website. As of right now, there is no mugshot, but they have all of my biographical information posted. The crime they have posted is not even a sex crime so I don't know why they listed me as a sex offender. I am NOT a sex offender. I have never been convicted of, arrested for, or accused of a sex crime. They have committed defamation by posting erroneous information about me that defames my character and could impact various aspects of my personal life. A search of my name on the National Sex Offender Registry as well as the ****** Bureau of Investigation website will prove I'm being truthful. I filled out their "Opt Out" form on their website to explain this to them. I have not received a response. From what I've read on the internet, I'm not the only person to experience this."

- 1/4/2021, Posted Anonymously on

We're sent stories like these every day. Our mission at MyOnlineRep is to uphold your personal privacy and help you regain control of your online presence. So you can fight back against their gross defamatory practices and move forward with peace of mind.

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Travis Paul Grant

For most people, creating a business that damages the lives of millions by exploiting their privacy might seem abhorrent. Travis saw it as a good way to make a buck. Sickening, depraved, and flat-out greasy are a few of the kindest words we can think of to say about this man. So why did we post his name and mugshot on our site? Because he did it to you and millions of other Americans. 

Kyle David Grant

Sliminess is the family business for the Grants. Kyle, here, is another slithery cog in the good name slandering machine that is Like Travis, including his mugshot is something we felt we needed to do. We want to expose the wicked faces behind the business and show our absolute resentment for any persons who would cause so much pain on such a large scale to line their pockets. 

KDG 1.jpeg

It may be unsavory to some that we would dedicate a page to highlighting these men and their mugshots. Our intentions are to earn your trust by showing you the depth of our distaste for anyone who would put you or someone you love through such immense anguish.

We want to do anything in our power to help victims of these men. It can start with cleaning up your online presence but if you're just as angry as we are and want to do more about it, visit our partners at The Office of Strategic Legal Finance to learn more about how they can help you pursue legal action.